Imam: AlMaghrib Institute Brainwashes Youth to be Terrorists

Imam: AlMaghrib Institute Brainwashes Youth to be Terrorists

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, who spent several years living in Canada’s capital, died in Dubai on Thursday at the age of 47. Mohammad Alshareef was born in Winnipeg in 1975, In 2002 he founded AlMaghrib Institute. He did this using what he had learned from Western civilization. In the last 20 years, AlMaghrib has expanded its presence to 40 cities around the world, with the institute’s website saying they now have over 80,000 students. According to Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, AlMaghrib Institute, has graduated many hundreds of thousands of students. To many Muslim Alshareef Muhammad Almaghrib Institute is foundational to the establishment of Islam in the West.

However Calgary Imam and scholar Syed Soharwardy gave testimony in front of the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defense on February 2, 2015, Soharwardy said: To view official transcript

Basically they are U.S. organizations that are operating in Canada. One is called AlMaghrib Institute, the other is called AlKauthar Institute.,,, They are the ones who brainwash these young kids in lectures….when you develop an association with them — then the brainwashing beginsThe shoe bomber in the United States attended AlMaghrib Institute lectures.

These people are given a very free hand in our universities and colleges. They are organizing lectures and seminars, but nobody will put a sign up that says “I am recruiting for al Qaeda or ISIL or ISIS.” Nobody will come because they know they will be caught. It is happening, and I know 150 Canadians were fighting for ISIL there. Eighty have come back. This is a serious issue.

Yasir Qadhi Proud to be on the Board of AlMaghrib Institute

The following is a complete lecture given in June of 2022 days after the death of Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef.

In 1994 I applied to the university of Medina, and when I got accepted there Muhammad Sharif was one year senior to me, so he was ahead of me by one year. And he was the first Arab Canadian American to graduate I was first you see American to graduate from the university of Medina, so we became very close friends, he became my mentor over there. We would meet almost every day …

And I remember vividly one day probably in 19 97 or something we were walking back to our respective colleges and he said to me you know I have a vision. When I go back to America I want to teach this knowledge to the people back there and I want to have an institute that will take that knowledge and somehow teach the youth of that generation of our general next generation..

We have to synthesize bring the techniques of the West and watere down the advanced academics of the East and merge it together.

If we want to preserve academic Islam – if we want to preserve the deen – then we need to find a way that will inspire our youth and teach them in a manner that perhaps our the elders won’t like, but we are not interested in what the elders. – And so he founded the Maghrib institute. And this was revolutionary at the time. He had so much pushback so much criticism.

He said we are going to hold classes not in the Masjid but in the colleges campuses. Where the youth go, where the students are. We are going to hire out academic halls. We’re going to make PowerPoint presentations, hand out professional presentation like they would in corporate. And he started charging for it. This was the biggest heresy at the time. “I’m not charging for profit!” It’s for the people to appreciate that they have to come on time and they are getting something that is worth more than they’re paying. For, the problem comes when things are free people take it for granted. He had the mentality of the western world We’re not going to produce scholars and Imams with weekend seminars. But our youth need to learn Islam. We have to make it entertaining and lively. Bringing quizzes for them to understand. Make PowerPoint slides. Make certain types of activities in the class. Make the class feel good to be Muslim. It was a little bit of as you call it edutainment, education and entertainment. Now traditionally the Ulama (senior scholars) balked.

But grace of God, the test of time, within a few years this institute changed the dynamics of dawa’h. We saw, I saw with my own eyes the very critics had to adapt these tactics. The very people who criticized began offering lessons in college campuses, charging, doing the same thing. Because numbers spoke success. There was nothing like AlMaghrib institute for at least a decade until the competitors came. And then others came along, and it’s good competition. In that interim period we had not hundreds, not thousands, not even tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the Western world. They were studying intense lessons in Aqeedah, Fiqh in Adab in Islamic history (conquest link link) in Tasfeer. I myself with the blessings of Allah, personally, I myself have taught over 100,000 people. That’s 100,000 people in these, not 1 hour Holocaust no, two weekend seminars, full weekend seminars, intensive classes. You go into a lot of detail. 15 years I taught across the globe in Australia in Europe, across the country, in America, chapters opening up and for the first time our youth goes in college. Because we targeted colleges. Even though anybody could come. But it was college students the youth that we targeted we want them to come

I want our young people to love this deen (religion) to be feel proud of this deen

Huston’s AlMaghrib Institute’s Imam hosted by Salaheddin Islamic Centre said Jews “incurred the wrath of Allah”

Article ACDemocracy

In December 2014 and April 2012 Ahsan Hanif delivered sermons at Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Ontario.

In a lecture at Green Lane Masjid in London, UK entitled “The Cure & The Remedy: Lessons From Surah Al-Fatihah,” Ahsan Hanif said (the video was published on Apr 13, 2012):

Those people who incurred the wrath of Allah, some of the scholars of tafseer [exegesis] said, they are the Jews or they are like the Jews. Those people who know the truth, yet they refuse to act in accordance to it. And the people who are misguided are like Christians,if a person was then to go and make dua [prayer, supplication] to other than Allah then he is like the Yahood [Jews], he is like the Jews

Spiritual Jihad is Using AXE to kill 3 & Wound 6 Israelis

Spiritual Jihad is Using AXE to kill 3 & Wound 6 Israelis

On April 30, 2022, Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, gave his first speech in almost a year praising such attacks. and declaring that Hamas accepts “the challenge” and will spare no efforts when it comes to defending its holy places. Warning that a religious war will “change the shape of Planet Earth” and scorch the earth, he said that when Hamas is forced to “defend” the Al-Aqsa Mosque, it will begin by firing a salvo of 1,111 rockets into Israel, in honor of former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who died on November 11, 2004. He said that this salvo will be called the “Abu Ammar” salvo, in commemoration of Arafat.

Later in the speech, Sinwar praised the terrorists who carried out a previous-night attack in the West Bank settlement of Ariel that left an Israeli security guard dead, and he called on Palestinians to carry out lone wolf attacks and on Israeli Arabs to prepare their guns, cleavers, axes, and knives for the defense of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Sixteen Israelis, including an Israeli Arab policeman, and two Ukrainians have been killed in the attacks in Israel and the West Bank in the latest flare-up. Israel has responded by raiding Palestinian towns, sparking clashes that left at least 26 people dead, including bystanders

Moti Tsinvert told The Jerusalem Post the victims were people “who went out just to breathe fresh air in the park, and their lives were ended so harshly”.

At least three people were wounded and three others killed in a suspected ax attack in the Israeli town of El’ad on Thursday night, according to reports.

Assessing the Use of Edged Weapons in Terrorist Attacks

By Dr. Joshua Sinai  9 December 2021  Online Exclusives

Edged weapons are promoted by jihadi terrorist groups, in particular, with their leaders and preachers calling on their adherents to take up whatever weapons and devices that might be at their disposal to attack their adversaries as one of the “weapons of choice” for waging jihad.

Through sermons in social media, online magazines and blogs, and other media venues, the message is that “anyone can pick up a knife and advance the cause.” Jihadi groups, whether al Qaeda or ISIS, have issued statements urging their adherents to “use your cars, use your kitchen knives, use all of these types of thing” in terrorist attacks, according to Reuters.

Jihad is an emotional & spiritual experience as many Muslims feel a Devine connection with Allah leading p to & during the act.

An axe to the head can be more gruesome than a bullet A bullet is somewhat impersonal. The axe is not guaranteed to cause death but gruesome suffering. With an axe or knife the act of murder retains a closer conection between the murdered and the victim. An axe just between the shoulder blades would cause gruesome damage and suffering with out necessarily causing death.

Palestinian jihad axe Israeli

Are “Radical” Muslim the Mainstream of Islam?

Are “Radical” Muslim the Mainstream of Islam?

Mainstream Muslims Represent Islam. Of course they do! They do because a mainstream is not a distributary. This is obviously self explanatory. Why then does mainstream media ignore the voices of Muslims that are in the mainstream and promote the voices of those Muslims on the fringes?

SEE (Is CBC Suppressing Muslim Voices Concerning Taliban’s Rise to Power?)

Promoting the mainstream as the fringe and the fringe as the mainstream is either misinformation, propaganda or an honest mistake. Either way, the outcome is the same. That outcome is that the population is lulled into a false sense of hope that the “bad” Muslims, those against freedom of speech, religion, women’s rights and democracy, and in favour of stoning and amputations are the crazy fringe.

Mainstream Islam is what the Vast Majority of Muslims Believe Islam is?

85% to 90% of Muslims in the world identify as Sunni. All but 2% of the remining Muslims identify as Shia. Sunni and Shia Muslims represent at minimum 93 % of all Muslims. Therefore, what they believe Islam is, is what Islam is.

Is what the majority of Muslims believe correct? This question is itself a deception that enables mudding the waters. We could ask if the Muslim boy that blew up the Arana Grande concert was incorrect in his understanding. The same for the Bali night club bombers. How about San Bernardino California, the Pulse night club, French teacher Samuel Patty, Lee Rigby, Mumbai, the German Christmas Market, London Bridge, the Toronto 18, Via Rail and Churches blown up in Egypt and Sri Lanka could all be misunderstandings.

By Imam Faisal Razak

Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur Razak is the Ameer (Spiritual Leader) of the Ahlus Sunnah Council of Canada. He also the founder of the Islamic Forum of Canada.

If someone commits certain crimes in Islam, and he is found guilty by an Islamic court, one of the punishments is stoning to death. But for the believer there is a benefit… lecture Article

Do the Islamic foundational texts, literature support the “radicals” or Moderates?

Imam Shabbir Ally

Toronto Imam Shabbir Ally is considered a moderate Muslim. He is often interviewed on the program the Agenda with Steve Pakin.

Wife Licks Husbands Pus article al-sitta hadith classified as authentic

ISIS Cites Quran & Scholars to Justify their Position article

Imam Karim AbuZaid

Imam Karm AbuZaid
  • Founder of (TAQI), Tafseer Al-Qur’an Institute FT Hifz, Arabic and Islamic Studies Program with branches in Lanham, Maryland, Sharkia, Egypt and Denver Colorado
  • Motivational Lecturer, Teacher and Fundraiser

Hijab in Islam is the covering of the entire body except the face and the hands. Article

Is Killing Homosexuals Mainstream or Fringe Islam?

Imam Bilal Philips

Imam Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips.

In 2002, Dr. Philips founded the Islamic Studies Department of Preston University, Ajman, UAE, and in 2007 he founded the Islamic Studies Academy in Qatar, while simultaneously launching the International Open University (IOU), previously known as the Islamic Online University,

The Islamic Law says that if you’re caught in an act in an Islamic State, you will be executed. If you’ve been seen by four witnesses, etc. Execution. That’s the law.

Minhaj-Al-Muslim by Abu Bakr Al-Jazairy (purchased at the Islamic Circle of North America’s bookstore in Toronto)

The Hadd [fixed punishment] of homosexuality is stoning to death… The methods of killing them (the two who committed the homosexual act) that have been related from the Companions have differed. From among them, there were those who burned them with fire. Others among them killed them by stoning them with stones.

Article Islamic view on LGBTQ

Is a 50 year old man impregnating a 9 year old mainstream or fringe Islam?

Imam Musleh Khan is the Toronto Police Service Muslim Chaplain.

Musleh Khan is recognized as one of Canada’s most renowned and sought-after Islamic speakers. For over twenty years as an instructor, counsellor, and religious scholar Musleh Khan has taught and reached over 500,000 students worldwide. Complete Bio 

But back then 9 years old you were mature enough and you could get married. You could have a child. But our society is so poisoned that, when we hear 9 years old, we do not look at the circumstance, the culture.

Imam Shabbir Ally

we speak often about the consent of a woman in marriage, but that consent does not apply to minor girls. Girl could be married off by her father or her grandfather without her consent… And women in particular, that would have been a great contribution to their tribes by getting married early and having children. Article


All the Imams on this post are University graduates who hold influential positions within the Sunni community. They also inform the Canadian government on policies on all things Islam, including returning ISIS fighters. Mainstream Muslims Represent Islam.

Is Committing Terrorism and Spreading Terror Mainstream Islam?

Is Committing Terrorism and Spreading Terror Mainstream Islam?

One man’s Moderate Islam is another man’s Extreme Islam

Muslim Islamic Mainstream Terrorism. This is a complicated, nuanced issue that needs contextualization and clarification. What is the definition of Terrorism or Terror? Does systemic bias, racism or Islamophobia distort or colour the definition?

Before attempting to answer the question of Islamic terrorism, we will challenge the question itself. Is it fair and just to resist tyranny and oppression? Those in power will resist the resistance and label the resisters struggling for freedom as terrorists. Where the men fighting for American independence heroes? The British government did not see them as heroes. But called them terrorists. According to the dictionary, a terrorist is an advocate or practitioner of terrorism as a means of coercion, a person who employs terror or terrorism, especially as a political weapon.

Accusations of terrorist or terrorism are subjective terms that depend wholly on perspective.

Next we will examine how intentions play a role in categorizing Muslim Islamic mainstream terrorism.

Mens Rea refers to criminal intent. The literal translation from Latin is “guilty mind.” The plural of mens rea is mentes reae.  Mens rea​ refers to the state of mind statutorily required to convict a particular defendant of a particular crime. Article Cornell Law School.

Tafseer Ibn Sa’di, p., 98

The kuffaar whom we fight will themselves benefit from jihad. We strive against them and fight them so that they will enter the religion of Allaah, which is acceptable to Him, which will lead to their salvation in this world and in the Hereafter.

Muslim commit Violent Jihad with a pure heart filled with concern for their fellow man.

Imam Abdool Hamid Full Article

Our goal as Muslims should be to transform, to move it along.  We do not want to take over for the sake of taking over. By change, what I mean is to improve the lives of people. That’s why Islam came.

Conquering Constantinople and all Christianity

Can Muslims engaging in Jihad to bring the blessings of Islam and Allah to all mankind in all lands be classified as terrorism?

Mohammed the Prophet PBUH, from the inception of Islam, enjoined Muslims to liberate Constantinople from Christianity and bring the Byzantine empire into the fold of Islam.

Pious Muslims follow what they truly believe. If they are religiously compelled to engage in violent terrorism, should they be admired and respected or vilified and detested?

Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

Pious Muslim becomes a Terrorist Muslim

There is a fine line between fanaticism and righteousness. A group of overzealous rebels took the holiest place on earth as hostage claiming they have the promised Mahdi [Muslim Messiah] in their midst. These rebels were not pagans or idol worshipers; on the contrary, they were, outwardly at least, pious Muslims. Many of them were Hufadh [Muslims who memorized the Quran] and students of knowledge.

ISIS members or supporters of ISIS, or other such groups, self identify as Muslims. Is it appropriate for the mainstream media to strip away these people’s preferred identity. This can be categorized as a human rights violation.

Toronto Imam Shabbir Ally affirms that ISIS and Al-Qaida members are indeed Muslim.

ISIS published its manifesto, in which it cites verses of the Quran, the Hadith and rulings of Muslim scholars, and citations from tasveer (commentary on the Quran), to justify their position. And they are recruiting young people by giving them this ideology, peppered with all of these citations… basically that the Prophet PBUH said “I have been ordered to fight people until they testify that there is no God but God.” Muhammad is the messenger of God; they offer prayer and give charity.

Mens Rea refers to criminal intent. It is acknowledged that Islam is a world religion. People of the Muslim faith are imbedded into the fabric of Western civilization. How then can we justify classifying as terrorists those who adhere to the religion of Islam and who commit jihad in good faith?

Imam Hakim Quick

The ex-president of a CCI (Canadian Council of Imams) is calling for a generation of Muslims to rise up and sacrifice their lives to advance the cause of Allah.

Omar Khadar illustrates that an army of ten thousand Muslim teenagers, raised in the West and willing to kill and die to advance the cause of Islam, is within the realm of possibilities.

Omar Khadr Case

In 2010, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Khadr’s detainment violated “the principles of fundamental justice” and “the most basic Canadian standards about the treatment of youth suspects.

Imam Suleiman Bengarsa

The Imam dispels the notion that Islam was only spread by peaceful means.

Some people go around and say ‘Islam was never spread by the sword’. That is a blatant lie. Islam was many times spread by the sword. The Sharia was spread by the sword.

Muslim Islamic Mainstream Terrorism is contextualized

Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada

I said may Allah aid the mujahideen in every place. And for those who are the enemies of Allah and want to spread that we are making supplications for the mujahideen, – then I say to you: yes, we are praying for the mujahideen. Jihad in Islam means to struggle to establish justice. And Justice means to establish the religion of Islam.

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner. These answers are supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid

We have already stated in question no. 34830 that jihad is of two types: taking the initiative in fighting and jihad in self-defence.  LINK

Undoubtedly taking the initiative in fighting has a great effect in spreading Islam and bringing people into the religion of Allaah in crowds. Hence the hearts of the enemies of Islam are  filled with fear of jihad. 

In the English-language Muslim World Magazine it says: There should be some kind of fear in the western world, one of the causes of which is that since the time it first appeared in Makkah, Islam has never decreased in numbers, rather it has always continued to increase and spread. Moreover Islam is not only a religion, rather one of its pillars is jihad

[al-Anfaal 8:60]

If Islam was only spread by peaceful means, what would the kuffaar have to be afraid of? Of mere words spoken on the tongue? In al-Saheehayn it is narrated that the Prophet PBUH said: “I have been supported with fear as far as a month’s journey.” Would the kuffaar be afraid of being told, “become Muslim, but if you do not then you are free to believe and do whatever you want”? or were they afraid of jihad and the imposition of the jizyah and being humiliated? That may make them enter Islam so that they may be spared this humiliation

Is Committing Terrorism and Spreading Terror Mainstream Islam?

Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rahmaan al-Sa’di said in his commentary on this verse: 

Here Allaah states the purpose behind fighting for His sake, which is not to shed the blood of the kaafirs and take their wealth; rather the purpose is so that all religion (worship) will be for Allaah alone, and the religion of Allaah will prevail over all other religions, and everything that goes against that, whether it is shirk or anything else – which is what is meant by fitnah – will be repelled. If this purpose is achieved, there will be no killing or fighting. 

Tafseer Ibn Sa’di, p., 98 

The kuffaar whom we fight will themselves benefit from jihad. We strive against them and fight them so that they will enter the religion of Allaah, which is acceptable to Him, which will lead to their salvation in this world and in the Hereafter.

Muslim Islamic Mainstream Terrorism


Contextualize Hatred Against Muslims vs Teachings of Hatred Toward Kaffir

Contextualize Hatred Against Muslims vs Teachings of Hatred Toward Kaffir

Stop Hatred against Muslims Hatred against injustice or inequality is viewed as health. Hatred is also a force that binds a group or tribe to a purpose. Hatred is thought to be an element of Islamophobia. Islamophobia is used to marginalize, ostracize and disempower an identifiable group.

The Quebec City mosque shooting was a terrorist attack by 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette on the evening of January 29, 2017, at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City, a mosque in the Sainte-Foy neighborhood of Quebec City, Canada. Six worshippers were killed. Five others were seriously injured. This happened after evening prayers when a man entered the prayer hall shortly before 8:00 pm and opened fire for about two minutes with a 9mm Glock pistol.

Stop Hatred against Muslims

Shortly after this Attack on the Mosque, Canada passed the Islamophobia motion m103.  Because of this “whole government approach” to addressing systemic racism and Islamophobia was implemented. This includes a substantial funding increase to Islamic organizations.

Commemorate National Islamophobia Day. NCCM is asking all Canadians to wear a green square in support of Muslims killed by people suffering from Islamophobia. NCCM ask all Canadians to do this in an attempt to End Islamophobia

People on the right of the political spectrum say there is more violence committed by persons that identify as Muslim against non-Muslims than by non-Muslims against people that identify as Muslim. But is this true? Perhaps the violence committed by misunderstanding or mentally ill Muslims should not be considered violence?

This is an incomplete summary of Misunderstanding violence committed by persons persons that identify as both male and Muslim on Non Muslims.

Danforth shooter, that attended the Thorncliff Park Mosque, shot and killed two wounding thirteen. Immediately a media relations expert released a statement about his mental health.

A person that identifies as male and Muslim killed a soldier before storming the Canadian parliament building. No evidence was presented that he was mentally ill?

A person that identifies as male and Muslim did on October 2014, run down two soldiers in Quebec, killing one. There is no evidence he was mentally ill.

18 males that identify as Muslim were plotting to bomb the Toronto Stock Exchange and other prominent buildings. Gillespie says they were attempting to create a large al-Qaeda type cell in Toronto. Apparently no one was mentally ill.

A revert to Islam, Aaron Driver of London Ontario, was planning a mass casualty terrorist attack. There were rumors of mental illness.

A person that identifies as male and Muslim stabbed two soldiers at a Toronto recruiting office. It is reported he is mentally ill.

Two men that identify as Muslims were found guilty of plotting to derail a VIA Rail passenger train. There were rumors of mental illness and limited IQ.


We need more studies to contextualize Islamic violence committed by persons that identify as Muslim against non-Muslims. However, according to Muslim sources, it seems that violence perpetrated by Muslims hating non-Muslim or Jews is a result of the hatred and Islamophobia of non-Muslims and Jews. Help End Islamophobia

Stop Hatred against Muslims

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam

How to Prevent Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam? This is achieved by convincing  people that Islam is a misunderstood religion of peace. Creating a critical mass of allies will shut down, by shaming into silence those that continually highlight an Islamophobic narrative. The use of Interfaith dialoged has proved most effective.

The following was written in 2013. it is relevant to the message that today is disseminated to all Canadians that, as violence by certain Muslims increases, non-Muslims should feel love, compassion and acceptance and banish Islamophobia. Non-Muslims should do this because some say love conquers hate.

Muslim Terrorists fuel anger suspicion. But are they Truly Muslim?

However, do non-Muslim owe a duty of care to their daughters and sons? Does this generation have a moral obligation to leave a legacy of a functioning society with a cohesive Western culture based on Christian values?

Some will say that punishing the killer of the killed is small consolation for the killed. It is generally accepted that Muslim terrorists fuel anger suspicion of Islam

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam

In 2013, ICNA Canada on it’s blog:

Town-hall meeting with RCMP, Halton Police, and Federal, Provincial, and City representatives

With the recent tragic incidents of Boston bombing and failed plot to sabotage Via Rail, it has raised serious concerns for Canadians in general, and Muslim Community in particular.

On one side we are concerned with safety of all Canadians while on the other side hate crimes against Muslim community in North America are on the rise.

After these incidents, whether it be a Muslim lady doctor who was punched on her face on a street in the US, or a Hijab wearing Muslim lady in Toronto who was spit on her face are alarming for any peace loving citizen.

Terror Strikes At Ariana Grande Concert, Leaving 22 Dead

Police identified 22-year-old Salman Abedi as the suspect behind the suicide bombing who identifies as Muslim

Love and Acceptance were displayed by the British, Manchester community. after the Manchester Arena massacre with an Ariana Grande concert in memory of the 22 killed and 116 maimed. These acts could be what fuels Anger, suspicion of Islam


According to statistics Canada the Islamic population is increase at a substantial rate. This increase will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of misunderstanding Muslim. It can be concluded that the number of people killed by misunderstanding persons that identify as Muslim will increase. This will cause more people to fear Muslims and Islam. This fear will fuel Islamophobia.

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam