Waterloo Slap is Hate Crime but Danforth Shooting Mental Health

Waterloo Slap is Hate Crime but Danforth Shooting Mental Health

Waterloo regional police say a woman has been arrested in connection with a hate-motivated incident at a DriveTest Centre in Kitchener, Ont., on May 10 2023.

According to Mifrah Abid this woman was agitated. An agitated person is considered to be experiencing a mental health crisis. Depending on a person’s baseline of mental health their ability to cope with crises varies. So, could this be a case of an agitated person committing an assault? It could be. For some reason some media is using not using the perfunctory “alleged” but are with seeming certainty labeling this a HATE crime.

Mainstream media headlines Waterloo Assault

CBC: Waterloo woman charged as police investigate alleged hate-motivated altercation at Kitchener DriveTest centre (LINK)

Global News: Waterloo woman arrested after hate-motivated incident at Kitchener DriveTest Centre (LINK)

CP24: Victim of ‘hate-motivated’ incident in Kitchener speaks out, calls for more action to combat hate (LINK)

Mainstream Media Headlines Danforth Shooting

Within 48 hours mainstream media was portraying the Danforth shooter as a sympathetic person that suffered a mental health breakdown. The Muslim community acknowledges that Mohammed Hashim has helped families cope with Islamophobia when they face negative media attention. (LINK)

Global News: The suspected Danforth mass shooting gunman was known to police for mental health reasons. (LINK)

The suspected gunman in the Danforth mass shooting Sunday night in Toronto was known to police for having a history of mental health concerns dating back to 2010.                               

CBC: Why there are no simple explanations for acts of mass violence. (LINK)

In the wake of Danforth shooting, Peter Sloly calls for holistic thinking

Toronto Star: Suspected Danforth shooter’s family cites psychosis, ‘severe mental health challenges, (LINK)

The man who unleashed bullets on a busy Danforth stretch Sunday night was suffering from “severe mental health challenges” and struggling with psychosis and depression, his devastated family said Monday.

I was at the Danforth vigil every day. There was no condemnation of the Man that shot thirteen and killed two. Many that I engaged were sympathetic to both the shooter and the shooters family. Many expressed concerned that the family or the Muslim community could face a backlash.

Where is the Concern, Love and compassion for this woman and her Family?

Texas Imam says Fanaticism and Righteousness can be the Same

Texas Imam says Fanaticism and Righteousness can be the Same

April 12, 2014 in Oslo, Norway Yasir Qadhi gave a lecture. the following is an excerpt.

Could be a pious Muslim

Senior scholars were duped by Juhayman. Senior scholars believed Juhayman to be righteous… What does that show you? It shows you that fanaticism exists in people that might otherwise appear to be righteous. Even to our scholars…

Most of the people who joined Juhayman’s movement are hafiz (memorized Quran) of the book of Allah. They were genuinely religious. They thought they were doing something good…. These are righteous people. But they’ve lost site of reality. They are so incensed and enraged at music and singing that they are willing to shed blood in the Kaba… And brothers and sisters, we see the same fanaticism in the modern jihadist movement…

Juhayman man wrote several pamphlets and I went through them for a conference that I was giving.  It’s very scary. I am a man who has a master’s in theology. I know my religion I was reading his documents with a fine tooth comb. I was waiting to jump on something that I could say aha this shows he’s a deviant, aha this shows he’s a fanatic. I swear by Allah, I could barely find anything that gave me warning signals. It seemed to be very solid, very well argued, very passionate. And this terrified me.

Why? I have the advantage of hindsight looking back and I am going through his pamphlets with a fine tooth comb and I don’t find anything wrong. Many of my teachers knew him personally. They all said the same thing that we really thought he was a righteous pious individual. The movement of Juhayman is an interesting movement to study and it came from within the general Salafi tradition. Most of the people with him were from the University of Medina.   

To learn more

Are “Radical” Muslim the Mainstream of Islam?

Are “Radical” Muslim the Mainstream of Islam?

Mainstream Muslims Represent Islam. Of course they do! They do because a mainstream is not a distributary. This is obviously self explanatory. Why then does mainstream media ignore the voices of Muslims that are in the mainstream and promote the voices of those Muslims on the fringes?

SEE (Is CBC Suppressing Muslim Voices Concerning Taliban’s Rise to Power?)

Promoting the mainstream as the fringe and the fringe as the mainstream is either misinformation, propaganda or an honest mistake. Either way, the outcome is the same. That outcome is that the population is lulled into a false sense of hope that the “bad” Muslims, those against freedom of speech, religion, women’s rights and democracy, and in favour of stoning and amputations are the crazy fringe.

Mainstream Islam is what the Vast Majority of Muslims Believe Islam is?

85% to 90% of Muslims in the world identify as Sunni. All but 2% of the remining Muslims identify as Shia. Sunni and Shia Muslims represent at minimum 93 % of all Muslims. Therefore, what they believe Islam is, is what Islam is.

Is what the majority of Muslims believe correct? This question is itself a deception that enables mudding the waters. We could ask if the Muslim boy that blew up the Arana Grande concert was incorrect in his understanding. The same for the Bali night club bombers. How about San Bernardino California, the Pulse night club, French teacher Samuel Patty, Lee Rigby, Mumbai, the German Christmas Market, London Bridge, the Toronto 18, Via Rail and Churches blown up in Egypt and Sri Lanka could all be misunderstandings.

By Imam Faisal Razak

Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur Razak is the Ameer (Spiritual Leader) of the Ahlus Sunnah Council of Canada. He also the founder of the Islamic Forum of Canada.

If someone commits certain crimes in Islam, and he is found guilty by an Islamic court, one of the punishments is stoning to death. But for the believer there is a benefit… lecture Article

Do the Islamic foundational texts, literature support the “radicals” or Moderates?

Imam Shabbir Ally

Toronto Imam Shabbir Ally is considered a moderate Muslim. He is often interviewed on the program the Agenda with Steve Pakin.

Wife Licks Husbands Pus article al-sitta hadith classified as authentic

ISIS Cites Quran & Scholars to Justify their Position article

Imam Karim AbuZaid

Imam Karm AbuZaid
  • Founder of (TAQI), Tafseer Al-Qur’an Institute FT Hifz, Arabic and Islamic Studies Program with branches in Lanham, Maryland, Sharkia, Egypt and Denver Colorado
  • Motivational Lecturer, Teacher and Fundraiser

Hijab in Islam is the covering of the entire body except the face and the hands. Article

Is Killing Homosexuals Mainstream or Fringe Islam?

Imam Bilal Philips

Imam Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips.

In 2002, Dr. Philips founded the Islamic Studies Department of Preston University, Ajman, UAE, and in 2007 he founded the Islamic Studies Academy in Qatar, while simultaneously launching the International Open University (IOU), previously known as the Islamic Online University,

The Islamic Law says that if you’re caught in an act in an Islamic State, you will be executed. If you’ve been seen by four witnesses, etc. Execution. That’s the law.

Minhaj-Al-Muslim by Abu Bakr Al-Jazairy (purchased at the Islamic Circle of North America’s bookstore in Toronto)

The Hadd [fixed punishment] of homosexuality is stoning to death… The methods of killing them (the two who committed the homosexual act) that have been related from the Companions have differed. From among them, there were those who burned them with fire. Others among them killed them by stoning them with stones.

Article Islamic view on LGBTQ

Is a 50 year old man impregnating a 9 year old mainstream or fringe Islam?

Imam Musleh Khan is the Toronto Police Service Muslim Chaplain.

Musleh Khan is recognized as one of Canada’s most renowned and sought-after Islamic speakers. For over twenty years as an instructor, counsellor, and religious scholar Musleh Khan has taught and reached over 500,000 students worldwide. Complete Bio 

But back then 9 years old you were mature enough and you could get married. You could have a child. But our society is so poisoned that, when we hear 9 years old, we do not look at the circumstance, the culture.

Imam Shabbir Ally

we speak often about the consent of a woman in marriage, but that consent does not apply to minor girls. Girl could be married off by her father or her grandfather without her consent… And women in particular, that would have been a great contribution to their tribes by getting married early and having children. Article


All the Imams on this post are University graduates who hold influential positions within the Sunni community. They also inform the Canadian government on policies on all things Islam, including returning ISIS fighters. Mainstream Muslims Represent Islam.

How to reform the Cancer of political Islam  

How to reform the Cancer of political Islam  

Political Islam in North America. Zudhi Jasser is a Muslim American Navy officer that identifies as a Muslim reformer. In March of 2021 Jasser said in an interview “Cancer is Political Islam.”

The cancer is that Islam is still a theocracy when you look at its legal system… Saudi. Pakistan, Iran these are deep seeded mid-evil theocracies that treat women as 4th class citizens. Have forms of slavery, kill gays, are anti Semitic.  All this is part of the Islamic theology. It is not the Islam that I learned growing up in Wisconsin…

Judhi Jasser

You are never going to do away with the concept of supremacy of radical Islamic groups. Be It ISIS, Al-Qaida,  Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood. These are all symptoms of the same cancer which is political Islam, and the Islamic state concept….

Dr. Jasser believes Islam should not dictate the operations of governmental, political state affairs. The following are the views of leading Islamic influential world authorities on the issue of political Islam

Mustafa Farooq refutes the Muslim reform movement. He posted on his FB page:

How are we going to recreate Cordoba [Islamic state] in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal? …One in which we [Muslims] erase these artificial nation states identities.  And work towards establishing the sharia.

Shaikh Abdool Hamid who has a B.A. in Islamic studies from the university of Madinah assures Canadians in a lecture given at the Toronto Mosque:

Our goal as Muslims should be to transform – Not be satisfied with the situation as we find it and we try to fit in somehow. That may be necessary initially. I don’t mean we want to take over for the sake of taking overIslam does not want to enslave the people but to improve their lives. That is why Islam came. To improve the lives of people changes will have to be made. So it may seem from one perspective that Islam took over, so to speak.

Hizb ut – Tahrir began in 1953. IT has spread to more than 50 countries. They are Well established in Canada, England, and Australia.

Brothers and sisters welcome to our online conference the return of the Islamic world order. Jaleel’s role today will be to set the background and the context of what’s happening.

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner.

Democracy is a man-made system, meaning rule by the people for the people. Thus it is contrary to Islam, because rule is for Allaah, the Most High, the Almighty, and it is not permissible to give legislative rights to any human being, no matter who he is. 

Is it permissible to vote in elections and nominate people for them? Please note that our country is ruled according to something other than that which Allaah revealed? 

They replied: 

It is not permissible for a Muslim to nominate himself in the hope that he can become part of a system which rules according to something other than that which Allaah has revealed and operates according to something other than the sharee’ah of Islam. It is not permissible for a Muslim to vote for him or for anyone else who will work in that government,…

Islamist use are encouraged to use democracy to advance the political agenda of Islam.

…unless the one who nominates himself or those who vote for him hope that by getting involved in that they will be able to change the system to one that operates according to the sharee’ah of Islam, and they are using this as a means to overcome the system of government, provided that the one who nominates himself will not accept any position after being elected except one that does not go against Islamic sharee’ah. 

This seems to contradict the Muslim Reform Movement and support Political Islam in North America.


There are some people that prefer to believe Islam is a spiritual movement separate from politics. However there is evidence that lends credence to the argument that Islam is primarily a political movement that contains a religious component.

Will NCCM Fly the Pride Flag?

Will NCCM Fly the Pride Flag?

Will NCCM Fly the Pride Flag? Universities, corporations, Banks & Religious groups, Toronto City, Queens Park & Ottawa Fly the Gay Pride flag. In 2020 It seems no Mosque or Muslim organization has the flag on their social media.

Muslim MPs have publicly endorsed their support for Gay Pride.

What is the position of Islam on the issue of Homosexuality? Senior Canadian Imams have made the position clear.

Wael Shihab, Imam of Masjid Toronto, affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC):

Islam forbids homosexuality and lesbianism. Same-sex marriage poses a serious and dangerous threat to human societies and communities.    Same-sex marriage endangers family atmosphere where children should be morally raised. Gay relationships pose serious dangers to the family institution.  Same-sex marriage, moreover, threatens the existence of human species. Such relationships could not build human communities or secure the existence of humans

Yusuf Badat, President of the Canadian Council of Imams: CCI

People who identify as transgender or transsexual These individuals need mental treatment and guidance … 

Hamza Sodagar

If there’s homosexual men the punishment is one of five things. One cut their head off. Two burne them to death. Three throw them off a cliff. Four tear a wall on them so they die. Five is a combination of the above.

View Clip Will Imam Hamza Sodogar Fly the Pride Flag?

In 2012 Mustafa Farooq CEO of National Council of Canadian Muslims opposed alliances between Muslims & LGBTQ persons. He does this because compared them to those who commit major sins such as adulterers & producers of alcohol

CIJA and other faith groups that have evolved to display the Rainbow Flag. However it seem that NCCM under the Guidance & leadership of Mustafa Farooq continues to adhere & promote the TRUE Islam. Islam of the Rashidun 4 rightly guided caliphs. Abu Bakr – Umar – Uthman – Ali

Colorado Imam Karim AbuZaid: LGBTQ’s “Evil” is Influencing & infiltrating Black Lives Matter & Muslim Community


Muslim organizations will refrain from flying the pride flag. Muslims elected to political office will say what needs to be said.