Are Racism & Islamophobia behind Fraud Investigation in Minnesota?

Are Racism & Islamophobia behind Fraud Investigation in Minnesota?

September 23 2022, in USA’s state of Minnesota forty-seven Somali Muslims have been charged with defrauding over 250 million, meant to feed hungry children. Somali Muslims Defraud Children

Of the 47 charged none is white, Christian or of European decent. Some are alleging that this is a clear example of systemic racism and Islamophobia.

April 2022: Canadian Law enforcement released across the nation a most wanted poster. It featured 24 faces. Only five appeared to be white and eleven were black. People of colour do not represent 40% of the population.

Many ask how Canada will become a model for equity and justice when it continues to over represent people of colour in the justice system.

Teaching Muslims in America that Islam is a Supremacist Religion

Teaching Muslims in America that Islam is a Supremacist Religion

in June of 2022, Mufti Usama Abdulghani, an Islamic scholar based in Dearborn, Michigan, said in a lecture delivered to the children at the Hadi Institute Youth Community Center. But first we read the philosophy of this school as found on their web site: Are they teaching Muslim Children Supremacist Ideology?

In accordance with the methods of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and the Ahlul Bayt (a), Hadi Islamic Montessori strives to create social environments that foster the development of the Islamic worldview and lifestyle. Producing students who are frontrunners in preparing for the return of the Imam of the time, (with Jesus) who will spread the Divine religion of Islam across the globe, thus establishing peace and justice, inshAllah. On his return Jesus will Break the Cross.

Mufti Usama Abdulghani

Islam teaches us that Islam is supreme. The supremacy of Islam. Not that we want a seat at the table, not that our whole hope is to stop islamophobia, so that we can just be treated like human beings. No, Islam is supreme.

Some of you are younger you don’t remember the days before Imam Khomeini. What did Imam Khomeini do? How did he change history? What were we like before? Why are we so close to the victory once you went back and embraced our Islamic principles. What Imam Khomeini said was that the true victory is training the youth. The victory of all victories is training the youth.

Human pillars, individuals like Shahid Qassem Soleimani, Shahid Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis. These people were the true miracle of Iman Khomeini. And you seen what they did. And so many others. With Imam Khomeini his effect has been global. The students of Imam Khomeini one of them is Hassan Nasrallah – trained people to become giant killers

The legacy of Imam Khomeini, brothers and sisters, was that we his sons and daughters we should wherever we are build resistance communities.

More from Haddi Institute’s web site

Through ethical sessions, Islamic courses, teacher development, family enrichment, and more, all led by Islamic scholars, the Hadi Institute ensures Islamic principles are implemented at all levels. The love of Islam is a natural love, and by presenting the teachings of the Holy Prophet and his Pure Family (a) sincerely and honestly to our students, they develop a holistic understanding of Islam, and grow to love Allah (swt) and submit completely to His religion

Muslim Children Supremacist Ideology

NCCM: How to Make the Muslim Narrative the Canadian Narrative

NCCM: How to Make the Muslim Narrative the Canadian Narrative

Promote the Muslim Narrative in Canada. Professionally designed Workshops by Council of Canadian Muslim (NCCM), will come to your school, hospital, factory, private firm or government institution. Workshops can be tailored to effectively address the misperception of children form kindergarten up to K12. We offer a range of specially designed intense training programs to meet the needs of any work force, office setting or government institution.

Hello Friends & Followers welcome to part 3 – understanding NCCM’s Workshop program. The following work shop is called A Teachable moment about Islamophobia.  This workshop that is targeted at Educators / Parents / Parent Councils  –     explores how Islamophobia may be impacting our schools and classrooms. Beginning with an overview of the term Islamophobia and an exploration of some common myths about Islam and Muslims, the workshop examines how Muslim children are impacted by the negative public discourses about Islam that could cause Muslim children to experience trauma. The workshop provides case studies, resources, and recommendations for administrators and educators to support efforts to promote equity and inclusion and to ensure schools promote Islam as a religion of peace that has & is greatly contributing to Science, Art, Medicine & the culture of Canada.

TRAINING & WORKSHOPS Altering the Perception to Promote the Muslim Narrative in Canada

For over a decade, the NCCM has been delivering robust and leading-edge training to promote equity and inclusion, and empower Canadian Muslim communities. Our interactive seminars are designed to create an enriching and meaningful learning experience to help participants grow and learn.

See below for a full listing of workshops available for:

  1. Muslim community organizations
  2. School, Employers, Government, Service Providers
  3. Students and youth

WORKSHOP OFFERINGS Eliminating Toxic Views

1. NCCM Workshops (Adults and Community Leaders)

  1. Know Your Rights & Responsibilities
  2. Engaging the Media
  3. Story Telling: Reclaiming Our Narratives

2. NCCM Workshop for External Organizations (Schools, Employers, Government, Service Providers)

  1. A Teachable moment about Islamophobia
  2. Islam in the Workplace
  3. Inclusive Schools

3. NCCM Workshops for Children and Teenagers

  1. Stereotypes & Diversity in Media: How do we fit in?
  2. Know Your Rights: Student Edition
  3. Say Salam – Islamophobia and Bystander Intervention
Summit demands PDF


  • The number of hours is for the delivery on the workshop in the standard form. NCCM can offer the workshop in other formats (shorter, divided over several sessions) based on the needs to the organization.
  • Some workshops can be adapted for different target audiences (parents instead of children, general, etc…)

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Promote the Muslim Narrative in Canada

Islamic schools refuse comment on allegation regarding not commemorating Remembrance Day

Islamic schools refuse comment on allegation regarding not commemorating Remembrance Day

I’ve sent a media inquiry to Islamic schools in Ontario and Alberta asking to respond to an statement made by a senior Muslim imam and scholar from London, Ontario that reads: “Islamic schools won’t have it [Remembrance Day] as a holiday because we don’t celebrate it.” As of November 23, 2019 none of the Islamic schools responded to the media inquiry.


Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Muslim scholar and Imam from London, Ont. has stated that “Islamic schools won’t have it [Remembrance Day] as a holiday because we don’t celebrate it.”

He further explained that “it is a day to remember those who died while fighting and killing Muslims… it’s because it is a day to remember those who died while fighting and killing Muslims… The Ottomans were Muslims, and Remembrance Day first started after Britain and France and the others defeated us, killed millions of our people, and then made this celebration starting on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, November 11th, to forever remember *their* soldiers who fought to defeat us in that war and then invade our lands. That is why we don’t celebrate Remembrance Day, because we would be remembering their soldiers who killed millions of Muslims.”

Mazin AbdulAdhim’s Facebook post on November 11, 2019:

Inquiry: Does your school observe/celebrate Remembrance Day? YES or NO

Kindly respond by Monday 18th of November. If you need more time let me know.


Eric Stanley Brazau,

Investigative journalist

The media inquiry was sent by email to:


1. School of Islamic Legacy, 72 Joy Mayor Driver, Mississauga

2. Al-Manariat Heights Islamic School, 2250 Argentina Road, Mississauga.

3. Islamic Foundation, Durham. Principal is Biquar.

4. Understanding Islam Academy Canada, 2570 Haines Road, Mississauga.

5. School of Islamic Study Ontario. Chairman is Syed Hussain.

6. Center for Islamic Knowledge.

7. MAC Al-Huda School, Ajax, downtown, Mississauga, Mississauga North, Brampton.

8. MAC Al-Furqan School, Scarborough.

9. Free Islamic School.


1. Islamic School Omar Bin Al-Khattab.

2. Somali Students of Calgary.

3. Calgary Islamic School.

4. MAC Calgary.


1. Edmonton Islamic Academy.

2. MAC Edmonton.