How Christian Genocide by Muslims Fuels Hate & Islamophobia

How Christian Genocide by Muslims Fuels Hate & Islamophobia

June 2023 several reports of Muslim in Uganda and Nigeria are depicting Islam in a negative light. This fuels fear of Islam. Could it be that Muslims fuel Hate & Islamophobia.

Canadian Parliament passed 2017 a motion M-103 that categorically declares Islam is a religion of peace. Those equating Islam with terrorism are propagating Islamophobia.

There is debate among academics whether the reported rise in media reports of “Muslim” atrocities is in fact instigating, so called, “Muslim” attacks.

It has been long understood by academics and interfaith bridge building scholars that people that identify as Muslim and engage in terror or Murder are either mentally ill or are DeFacto not Muslim.

Leader of Palestinian Terrorist Organization Speaks at Toronto al-Quds 2023

Leader of Palestinian Terrorist Organization Speaks at Toronto al-Quds 2023

The annual Al-Quds Day rally was held in front of the American Consulate in Toronto on April 15, 2023. Toronto al-Quds 2023

Khaled Barakat, a Canadian national based in Vancouver, BC, is a member of the political bureau of the Palestinian Front for the Liberalization of Palestine (PFLP). In 2003 The PFLP was designated by Canada as a terrorist organization.

Barakat is a co-founder of Masar Badil, the Alternative Palestinian Revolutionary Path Movement. According to No One Is Illegal, “Khaled Barakat was a founder of the No One Is Illegal network and movement in Vancouver”, “a member of No One Is Illegal” and “an active leader in social movements in Vancouver and across Canada.” He is also affiliated also with Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and joined arms in anti-Israeli protests with activists of Canada Palestine Association and Independent Jewish Voices. In 2019 Barakat was subjected to a political ban and excluded from Germany.

The following is a partial transcript of his speech at Toronto, Canada, al-Quds day 2023.

When Al-Quds day was called by the leader of the Revolution Imam Khomeini and to be held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan over 40 years ago, only few cities responded. But today, hundreds of cities across the world are responding to the international day of Al-Quds. Today, across the globe, from Iran to Lebanon to South Africa to Canada, Turtle Island from London to Paris to Dakar, all the way to occupied Al-Quds, commemorate and participate in Al-Quds day.

Today, Al-Quds Day sets the compass and the goal and the road to a liberated Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. Al-Quds day is a day of resistance against racism, Zionism, imperialism, colonization, oppression. It is also a message of compassion, unity, solidarity and the unity of all our fronts.

Khaled Barakat Speaks

So, how do we respond, brothers and sisters, to this injustice. I’ll say we should respond with intensifying our work and activities and isolating the Zionist regime, boycotting Israel, boycott Israeli products, boycott the so-called religion dialogue with Zionists, and say big no to normalization with Zionists. Let us organize campaigns against Canada support to Israel, Canada’s military financial and economic support and complicity with Israel. Let us strengthening our relationship with the struggle of the indigenous people of this land, our true natural allies against colonization and settler colonization.

Let us organize in our unions, students organizing in campuses, mosques, churches, because a mosque that does not carry the banner of justice for Palestine and for Al-Quds is not our mosque, and a church that does not call for the liberation of Bethlehem and Nazareth and Al-Quds is not our church. A union that does not support the Palestinian workers is not our Union. We must organize vote to participate in election is to bring down racist voices with our collective and united voice.

We are here to declare our full and unconditional support for the strategy that has been declared by the forces of the resistance [led by Hezbollah, Hamad and the Islamic Jihad] under the banner of unity of the fronts.

Toronto al-Quds 2023 And New York City

NYC Al-Quds Day Rally: Commit Yourself to Abolishing Israel, Its Existence Is Threat to World Peace

All around

Palistinian demonstration took place in many capital cities of the West. They are united in demanding the destruction of Israel.

They have warned if demands are not met, illumination of Israel, the West will suffer casualties. When they act upon the West’s inaction who will bear responsibility for the deaths. After the Madrid Train Bombing Spain did comply and pull their troupes out of Afghanistan.

Al-Quds Toronto is Growing to be Influential

Al-Quds Toronto is Growing to be Influential

April 15th 2023 many Palestinians gathered at 361 University . This is The Ontario High Court. Year over year the numbers are increasing, Al-Quds Toronto is Growing.

Soon Canadian foreign policy will be preoccupied with liberating Palistine.

Al-Quds Toronto is Growing But Jihad is not to be feared.

Al-Quds Toronto is Growing But Jihad is not to be feared. VIEW

Canadian Children will Sacrifice their Blood for Palestine

Canadian Children will Sacrifice their Blood for Palestine

April 15th I attended the annual Palestinian Nakba demonstration. It seems Toronto Palestinian Children Sacrifice for the cause.

Little Palestinian girls sing with joy of their willingness to sacrifice for Palestine. Standing beside them are a several Haradi Jews that are staunch supporters of the Palestinian cause.

There are several other examples of children in North America singing joyful songs of their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the Ayatollah Khomeini, peace and Justice.

The following video features two groups of Muslim children one in Huston, Texas, June 2022 and Philadelphia in 2021

Michigan Islamic Scholar Usama Abdulghani June 2022 teaches children about the supremacy of Islam

Toronto Palestinian Children Sacrifice

Are Racism & Islamophobia behind Fraud Investigation in Minnesota?

Are Racism & Islamophobia behind Fraud Investigation in Minnesota?

September 23 2022, in USA’s state of Minnesota forty-seven Somali Muslims have been charged with defrauding over 250 million, meant to feed hungry children. Somali Muslims Defraud Children

Of the 47 charged none is white, Christian or of European decent. Some are alleging that this is a clear example of systemic racism and Islamophobia.

April 2022: Canadian Law enforcement released across the nation a most wanted poster. It featured 24 faces. Only five appeared to be white and eleven were black. People of colour do not represent 40% of the population.

Many ask how Canada will become a model for equity and justice when it continues to over represent people of colour in the justice system.

Canadian Islamophobia Projects to Receive More Money

Canadian Islamophobia Projects to Receive More Money

OTTAWA, July 22, 2021 Government of Canada Concludes National Summit on Islamophobia During the summit, federal ministers, Members of Parliament, and officials from provincial and municipal governments, listened to the lived experiences of Muslim Canadians from across the country. LINK Canada Funding Islamophobia Projects

Attendees identified ways the federal government should work with Muslim communities to implement federal anti-racism initiatives that address Islamophobia and hate-fueled violence.

During the summit, the Government of Canada committed to:

  1. Engage with Muslim communities on the government’s next Anti-Racism Action Plan, which will be launched when the 2019–2022 Anti-Racism Strategy comes to an end;
  2. A renewed focus on dedicated resources to support the work within government to combat islamophobia and all forms of hate;
  3. The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue, has requested that the Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson conduct a systemic study to address the concerns of Muslim led charitable organizations; Mosque loses charitable status hate speech.
  4. Take a whole-of-government approach by working with departments across the government to take further action on these priorities.

Minister Chagger also announced today support for 8 projects through the Anti-Racism Action Program that address Islamophobia and aim to remove systemic barriers faced by Muslim communities.

Additionally yesterday, the Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, and the Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of International Trade and Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion, announced funding for 150 projects representing over $6 million 

Government of Canada Announces Funding for Anti-Racism Projects Tackling Islamophobia

 At the National Summit on Islamophobia, the Government of Canada announced support for eight projects through the Anti-Racism Action Program that address Islamophobia and aim to remove systemic barriers faced by Muslim communities

$184,000 Canadian Arab Institute,  The project aims to combat racism and discrimination experienced by Arab-Canadians by creating myth-busting videos and shows.

$75,000 Somali Muslim Hate Crime Summit, The project aims to improve the community’s capacity to address online hate on social media and other cyber domains, and to develop solutions.

$288,387 Urban Alliance on Race Relations , to improve Black and Muslim youth’s access to employment in government

$203,702 The Afghan Women’s Centre, address gaps in social participation and access to employment for Central Asian women in Quebec, primarily from Muslim backgrounds,

$199,000 Al Ihsan Educational Foundation,  expansion of the online hate project addressing Islamophobia to also include anti-Asian online hate.

$349,210 Muslim Association of Canada, address systemic barriers to social participation for Muslim youth girls, more specifically in sports by providing them with tools and support to improve their representation.