Hate Hoax Germany by Green Party Councilor

Hate Hoax Germany by Green Party Councilor

Manoj Subramaniam

Manoj Subramaniam, among other things, painted swastikas onto his property and claimed he was being subjected to sustained harassment by far-right extremists. It was proven fake hate crime.

Manoj Subramaniam, a 33-year-old former local Green councilor in the German town of Erkelenz, alleged last July 2022 he had been subjected to sustained acts of harassment by anonymous right-wing extremists. He showed police evidence of the abuse he had received, which included a threatening letter with a razor blade inserted and a swastika drawn onto his vehicle in red paint. Link

A Litany of Fake “Hate Crimes” LINK

“Right-wing extremists are threatening political volunteers to silence them. Thank you, Manoj Subramaniam, for not being silent and raising your voice,” stated Lamya Kaddor, a member of the Bundestag

Subramaniam subsequently resigned from his position as a local councilor, and Erkelenz District Court issued the disgraced politician a penalty order of €3,600 for faking criminal offenses, a fine he appealed.

complaints against the court decision were finally withdrawn after a court ruled the amount of the fine to be final.

Subramaniam has since returned to his post as a local councilor despite the criminal conviction and fine being upheld by the appellate court.

How will Muslim Dominate Europe by 2050?

How will Muslim Dominate Europe by 2050?

Men with black skin on their knees completely fill the street. They are literally shoulder to should
Muslims Pray in the Streets of France

Muslim Demographic Increase in Europe will irrevocably and dramatically change the culture. By 2050 in most European countries the Muslim population will exceed 10%. In some it will be at or near 20%. The Muslim population will not be evenly dispersed. Certain areas in Europe, as of 2017, are concentrated to were the Muslim population is 90%. In Canada the Muslim population in near 4%. In some areas the Muslim population is nearing 30%. Mustafa Farooq is CEO of NCCM, Canada’s most influential Muslim lobby group. Mustafa Farooq in a FB post urged Muslim to wipe out the fake nation state of Canada and establish sharia zones in Edmonton, Ottawa. and Montreal. Imam Abdool Hamid assures Canadian there is no need to fear that Islam will take over:

Demographic map of Islamic Muslim increase

Islam does not want to take over for the sake of taking over or to enslave the people. Islam will take over to improve the lives of all Canadians, that is why Islam came. And that is what it did in the time of the Prophet PBUH.

Effects of migration on European population

201020162050 no migration2050 medium migration2050 high migration
20 million26 million35 million60 million76 million
Pew Research

Muslims projected to have more children than non-Muslims

Muslim 2.6non-Muslim 1.6
Pew Research

European average age in 2017

Muslim 30non-Muslim 44
Pew Research

A British Muslim author has said that certain British towns have “no-go zones” for white people and that school children are attacked by Muslim children for “being white”, in an investigation into mosques in the United Kingdom.

The former advisor to former prime minister Tony Blair said that native Britons admitted to him that there are areas of their communities they consider “no-go” zones because of concerns of being physically attacked.

France: No-Go Zones Now in the Heart of MANY Big Cities.

In the heart of Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Grenoble, Avignon, districts here and there have been “privatized” by a mix of drug traffickers, Salafist zealots and Islamic youth gangs. The main victims are women. They are – Muslim and non-Muslim — sexually harassed; some are sexually assaulted. The politicians, as usual, are fully informed of the situation imposed upon women.

German people are no longer greeting immigrants with flowers and candy at the train station.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a major concession to Europe’s populist movement this week when she admitted the existence of so-called “no-go zones” in Germany.

New List of Swedish No Go-Zones.

Is Molenbeek really a no-go zone?

Belgium has produced more jihadi fighters, per capita, than any other western European nation and is estimated to have dispatched around 520 recruits to the Islamic State cause in Syria. Even the idea of visiting the land that is home to the EU parliament is enough to inspire trepidation in some foreigners.

 As a non-Muslim you are in the minority and in some roads you do feel as if you’re in Tangier: an experience you may or may not find exhilarating. The real question about Molenbeek is this: can it be described as a neighbourhood which is beyond the state’s control, in the grip of sharia law, and a place where most residents are conniving to export death to the rest of Europe? And, if not, how is it that the neighbourhood has come to symbolize the terrorist threat against Europe in general and Belgium in particular?


Muslim Demographic Increase in Europe will inevitably bring about the total demise of Western Christian civilization in Europe. North America will fall into a unwinnable Civil war similar to that in Israel or Lebanon. The Christians will never win because they will never strike the cruel, savage blow that will assure victory. Rather compassion and interfaith dialogue will extend the war till Christians accept to live under the Pact of Umar.

  • 1. We will neither erect in our areas a monastery, church, or a sanctuary for a monk,
  • 2. Nor restore any place of worship that needs restoration
  • 3. and we will open the doors [of our houses of worship] for the wayfarer and passerby.
  • 4. Those Muslims who come as guests, will enjoy boarding and food for three days

Muslim Demographic Increase Europe

Muslims Face Hardship Navigating  Intersectionality Between Shari’a & Democracy

Muslims Face Hardship Navigating Intersectionality Between Shari’a & Democracy

Texas Imam, Yale PhD scholar Yasir Qadhi: What is the Ruling on Blasphmy? Lecture premiered Nov 3, 2020. The beading of French teacher Samuel Paty happened days prior to this lecture. Below in an excerpt

“The fourth question Muslim minorities, us, in America, in England, in France, in Canada, in Australia, in Germany and across the European and Western worlds. We are living in secular democracies. We are living as a minority and we all understand that the laws of the land are based on sources that are not our sources. So what is the responsibility of Muslims living in Western lands vis-a-vis the laws found in the classical books and the rulings pertaining to any type of judgment that is of a penal nature ie: criminal law that are found in the Shari’a?” Complete video

Muslim scholars teach that implementing Islamic Law is a moral duty of Believing Muslim. Bilal Philips in Australia.

In 2017 the European Court heard a case where sharia law was applied to a disagreement between citizens of Greece who are Muslims.

Christian Concern (CC), a non-profit organization based in London, intervened in the case, “because of the importance of the case in European law and its implications for countries across Europe, including the UK,” according to a press statement by CC.

According to Dieppe, an estimated 85 sharia courts operate in the UK. “The use of Sharia has led to the promotion of parallel societies within the United Kingdom,”

Throughout Europe there are Shari’a law tribunals. Some experts will say “While there are undoubtedly lots of different councils and tribunals dealing with Shari’a principles, they aren’t courts of law. Most are Shari’a ‘councils’ set up to make decisions on purely religious matters, although there are some bodies that mix Shari’a principles with legally binding arbitration. But none can overrule the regular courts. However civilly undocumented marriages are performed when a second wife is taken.

The following are excerpt from Islam Q&A academic, educational and da‘wah website supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid, dealing with the topic of Muslims dealing with non-Islamic laws.

The statement that whoever does not judge according to what Allaah revealed is a kaafir, a zaalim (oppressor or wrongdoer) and a faasiq (sinner), as Allaah says: “. . . And whoever does not judge by what Allaah has revealed, such are the kaafiroon.” [aayah 44]; “. . . And whoever does not judge by that which Allaah has revealed, such are the zaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers)” [aayah 45]; “. . . And whoever does not judge by what Allaah has revealed (then) such (people) are the faasiqoon (rebellious or disobedient).” [aayah 47].

Referring for judgment to courts of man-made law which is contrary to sharee’ah is not permissible; the same applies to working in them and applying those laws among people.

The scholars of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas were asked: What is the ruling on referring for judgment to American law in a dispute between Muslims, with regard to cases of divorce, commerce and other matters? 

They replied: It is not permissible for a Muslim to refer for judgment to man-made laws.