“Palestine is the starting point for conquering the world”

“Palestine is the starting point for conquering the world”

Palestinian Islamic scholar Mohammad Afeef Shadid May 11 2022 sermon. Muslims conquer Palestine Europe

We were expelled from Palestine, 8 decades ago, and we will return to it, to every inch of it – not only to the homes which we left, carrying the house keys and nothing else. This is a reduction of our right. As the nation of Muhammad we have the right to Palestine in its entirety – every grain of its soil, every drop of its water, every whiff of its air. But that is not all. Palestine should be a center, a capital, and a starting point for conquering the world. Our sympathizers in the world, as well as our enemies should know, that the cause of our right of return does not pertain only to Palestine. The whole world is our battlefield. Our goal is not to liberate Palestine alone, but to liberate this sick world and deliver it from darkness to light (of Islam).

Muslims will Break the Cross Smash the Church and Establish a World Caliphate

Early Muslim Conquest

There are many academics and interfaith clergy that are promoting the idea that if the Israel “problem” were to be solved then that would bring an end to Muslim jihadist violence in the West. However that is not in keeping with the lectures of numerous Muslim leaders in the West. Many of these leaders are leading voices of Muslim organizations that promote Islamic supremacy and the establishment of an Islamic state that will rule over Muslims and non-Muslims.

The following links provide contextualization that will dispel misunderstanding of the Muslim leaders concerning interfaith dialogue. The following links explain how Islam will dominate Europe and North America and Canada.

Muslims conquer Palestine Europe

Spiritual Jihad is Using AXE to kill 3 & Wound 6 Israelis

Spiritual Jihad is Using AXE to kill 3 & Wound 6 Israelis

On April 30, 2022, Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, gave his first speech in almost a year praising such attacks. and declaring that Hamas accepts “the challenge” and will spare no efforts when it comes to defending its holy places. Warning that a religious war will “change the shape of Planet Earth” and scorch the earth, he said that when Hamas is forced to “defend” the Al-Aqsa Mosque, it will begin by firing a salvo of 1,111 rockets into Israel, in honor of former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who died on November 11, 2004. He said that this salvo will be called the “Abu Ammar” salvo, in commemoration of Arafat.

Later in the speech, Sinwar praised the terrorists who carried out a previous-night attack in the West Bank settlement of Ariel that left an Israeli security guard dead, and he called on Palestinians to carry out lone wolf attacks and on Israeli Arabs to prepare their guns, cleavers, axes, and knives for the defense of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Sixteen Israelis, including an Israeli Arab policeman, and two Ukrainians have been killed in the attacks in Israel and the West Bank in the latest flare-up. Israel has responded by raiding Palestinian towns, sparking clashes that left at least 26 people dead, including bystanders

Moti Tsinvert told The Jerusalem Post the victims were people “who went out just to breathe fresh air in the park, and their lives were ended so harshly”.

At least three people were wounded and three others killed in a suspected ax attack in the Israeli town of El’ad on Thursday night, according to reports.

Assessing the Use of Edged Weapons in Terrorist Attacks

By Dr. Joshua Sinai  9 December 2021  Online Exclusives

Edged weapons are promoted by jihadi terrorist groups, in particular, with their leaders and preachers calling on their adherents to take up whatever weapons and devices that might be at their disposal to attack their adversaries as one of the “weapons of choice” for waging jihad.

Through sermons in social media, online magazines and blogs, and other media venues, the message is that “anyone can pick up a knife and advance the cause.” Jihadi groups, whether al Qaeda or ISIS, have issued statements urging their adherents to “use your cars, use your kitchen knives, use all of these types of thing” in terrorist attacks, according to Reuters.

Jihad is an emotional & spiritual experience as many Muslims feel a Devine connection with Allah leading p to & during the act.

An axe to the head can be more gruesome than a bullet A bullet is somewhat impersonal. The axe is not guaranteed to cause death but gruesome suffering. With an axe or knife the act of murder retains a closer conection between the murdered and the victim. An axe just between the shoulder blades would cause gruesome damage and suffering with out necessarily causing death.

Palestinian jihad axe Israeli

Ultimate Victory Establishing Law Of Allah In Canada

Ultimate Victory Establishing Law Of Allah In Canada

Establish law of Allah. May 2021 Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada gave a sermon to the Muslim community gathered in a Vancouver park.

Imam Younus Kathrada

Imam Younus Kathrada

My dear brothers the question then arises because we all know what is happening there right now. What is happening in al-Quds? What is happening in Masjid al-Aqsa? The question that arises, we as Muslims what are we supposed to do? How can we help?

Islamic leaders consistently tell the Muslim community it is their religions duty to establish Islamic dominance.

How can we help this cause, the cause of al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa? As a matter of fact, how can we support that cause and the cause of Islam and the Muslims in general? In response to that I say, in addition to what is obvious to all of us, that we have to make duas (pray) and supplicate to Allah. In addition to aiding them and assisting them with our wealth, in addition to bringing about awareness of this crucial issue.

We have to know that our obligation, our first obligation is to establish al-Islam in our lives. Our first obligation is to establish al-Islam, to establish this religion, in our daily lives. We have to know and rest assured that ultimate victory comes from none other than Allah.

Establish the law of Allah in Canada, Europe and all the world.

The United Nations will not help us. Trudeau will not help us. Western governments will not help us. Know and rest assured that that they are all the enemies of Allah and the opponents of Allah. Don’t take my word for it but rather listen to the words of Allah.

“He will cause his ummah to gain authority in the land, i.e., become leaders of people and rulers over them, and by means of them the people’s affairs will be put right and the people will submit to their rule.”

Canada Transforming to better reflect Muslim perspective NCCN National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Limiting Free Expression Promotes Social Harmony

Kill the Jews Hiding Behind Stones and Trees

Kill the Jews Hiding Behind Stones and Trees

Kill Jews stones Trees. Imams Preach it California and Montreal.

Sheikh Ammar Shahin born in Cairo, Egypt began his Islamic training at a young age under the supervision of his father. He continued his Islamic education, graduating from the Institute for Preparation of Preachers with a diploma in Islamic studies as well as studying at Al-Forqan Institute. He traveled to the United States in 1999. He continued to study with many Muslim scholars, receiving his ijazaat (licenses) in various Islamic sciences. His studied included studying the Maliki madhhab, He pursued a B.A. at Al-Azhar University in the Islamic Sciences and Arabic language, he received a B.A. and M.A. at the Islamic University of Minnesota in Islamic Studies. He has been an Imam in various mosques across the United States, he is currently the Imam at the Islamic Center of Davis in California.

Below is a partial transcript of a Friday khutba (sermon) given in Davis, California July 2017. These words were spoken, by Sheikh Ammar Shahin in English. The president of the mosque defended Ammar Shahin by saying it is a mistranslation taken out of context. Further below that is video clip of a khutba also given on a Friday. This Friday khutba given in Montreal also speaks of stones and trees and turning Jewish children into orphans. Below that is a video computation of Various imams in Canada & USA: Edmonton, Alberta Imam Osman Modad, Huston Texas Imam Muhammad AlShareef, Brampton, Ontario, Imam Omar Subedar, Toronto, Imam Musleh Khan, Visiting Toronto, Sheikh Mashoor Hasan, Vancover, Imam Younus Kathrada, Quran, Sura Fatiha, Muslim Prayer Hand Book all have something to say about Jewish people that some can consider hateful or hate speech.

And the stones and the trees say ‘oh Muslim servant of Allah…’ They will not say Egyptian, oh Palestinian, oh Jordanian, oh Syrian, oh Afghan, oh Pakistani… The Last Hour will not take place until the Muslim fights the Jews. We don’t say if it is in Palestine or another place… When that war breaks out, they (Jews) will run and hide behind every rock and house, and wall, and tree. The house and wall and trees will call upon the Muslims. It will say ‘Oh Muslim. It will not say Egyptian oh Palestinian, oh Jordanian, oh Syrian, oh Afghan, oh Pakistani, or Indian. No! it will say ‘Oh Muslim, Muslim. When the Muslims come back… ‘Come there is some one behind me’ except for the Gharqad tree, which is the tree of the Jews”


Montreal sermon on Jews

North American computation about Jews