Will Swedish Muslims Kill Iraqi Christian Refugee that Burned Quran?

Will Swedish Muslims Kill Iraqi Christian Refugee that Burned Quran?

On June 29, Iran-backed Lebanese Hizbullah condemned Momika’s burning of the Quran, holding the Swedish authorities responsible and “complicit in this crime” Christian Swed Burns Quran

On June 29, Yemen’s Iran-backed Ansar Allah Movement (the Houthis) called Sweden’s decision to allow a protest to burn the Quran an act of aggression against Muslim sanctities, and a crime performed by the “Zionist lobby that controls Europe.”

Speaking over a video of the incident, a Telegram channel supportive of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) called for the prosecution and execution of the perpetrator of the burning of the Quran.

Chechen Muslim Migrant Beheads French Teacher for Perceived Insult to Islam

Experts predict a rise in Muslim clerics demanding the executions of Western citizens and an increasing willingness of Muslims in the West to execute Western citizens

Texas Imam: France is blatantly Islamophobic & Xenophobic. Muslims say Enough is Enough – EricBrazau.com

Are Muslims Permitted to Behead those who Insult Islam? – EricBrazau.com

Police Arrest 5 Muslim Women Plotting ‘VIOLENT’ Attack Against Multiple CHURCHES in France – EricBrazau.com

Quran Burning used to Accelerate Islamization of Norway

Quran Burning used to Accelerate Islamization of Norway

In Norway a since 2019 a group called “Stop Islamization of Norway” has been burning the Quran

Norwegian Junior Imam

An Imam has responded with an urgent appeal.

Brothers and sisters the last year a racist anti-Muslimism group have been desecrating and burning the Quran in front of the mosque in Norway. They are doing this to provoke a reaction from the Muslim community. So, that they can label Muslims as a violent terrorists and win support for their anti-Muslimism propaganda. The Norwegian government allows them to continue burning the Quran in front of the house of Allah in the name of freedom of speech.

Angry Imam in Norway

 Even during Ramadan they visited Muslim mosques and burned the Quran with the protection of the Norwegian police. For such a long time we Muslims have been feeling powerless because we can’t do anything when our religion our honor and the book that we hold so close to our heart are being humiliated and disgraced.

But things will now change, God willing, we have found a way to stop the desecration of the Quran. The extremist organization that is burning the Quran is called “Stop the Islamization of Norway”. They have come to our Masjid twice and hung two banners. One stating Islam is barbarism and unwanted in Norway the other banner labeling our Masjid “Oslo Jihad Center” insinuating Muslims are terrorists.

They are burning the Quran and hanging up these banners as a symbol of eradicating Islam in Norway. They are hoping to provoke a reaction from the Muslims so they can justify their hatred and win support for their anti-Muslim propaganda.

We will give them a reaction but not the one that they want to see. We will not do anything that would tarnish the image of Islam and create problems for the Muslims. Rather, every time they burn the Quran symbolizing the extinction of Islam we will react by raising huge amounts of funds to spread Islam and establish the symbols of Islam in Norway.

We have, praise be to Allah, purchased the largest mosque property in the capital of Norway to establish the biggest mosque and dawa’h center in this country. The despicable individual burning the Quran thinks that he can extinguish the light of Allah with his attacks. But we will use him, a useful idiot, to fund the spreading of the message of the Quran in Norway. Every time they burn the Quran we will raise tens of thousands of dollars and we will distribute 100 copies of the Quran to the people of Norway.

Warning Highly Offensive

Praise be to Allah they want to extinguish the light of the Allah with their mouth but Allah refuses and uses them to perfect his light even though disbelievers hate it. Islam will be established in Norway. We will make these anti-Muslims the very reason for Islam to flourish in the country. So brothers and sisters please donate to generously in the path of Allah, defending the honor  our religion and earning Allah’s pleasure and marvelous reward.

Competing Visions of Islam Will Shape Europe in the 21st Century. Quran Burning Sweden Islamophobia.

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Help Dispel Disinformation about Violent Jihad in North America

Help Dispel Disinformation about Violent Jihad in North America

Disinformation about Violent Jihad in North America. Imams teach that followers of Islam have a duty to instill peace, justice and equity in the world wherever possible. Islamic literature makes clear that true Muslims are to wage jihad and wipe out disbelief and raise the banner of Allah.

December 17th 2021 a Canadian national  pleads guilty to funding ISIS that calls for Violent Jihad in North America.                              

Tom Yun, CTVNews.ca writer, reports @thetomyun Contact   Published Saturday, December 18, 2021 11:00AM EST

Between November 2013 and March 2014, Abdullahi wired money to his four cousins as well as San Diego resident Douglas McCain for plane tickets and living expenses. This included US$3,100 to McCain, who was the first known American to die for ISIS.

“The defendant committed violent, criminal acts to obtain money to help fund Douglas McCain’s travel overseas to fight for ISIS, where McCain was ultimately killed,” FBI special agent in charge Suzanne Turner said in the news release.

Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, December 17, 2021

Former San Diego Resident Pleads Guilty to Funding ISIS Terrorist Activities in Syria

District of California Press Release Number:  CAS21-1217-Abdullahi

According to his plea agreement, Abdullahi admitted that he provided money to his four cousins, including an 18-year old Minneapolis resident, as well as former San Diego resident Douglas McAuthur McCain, to support their terrorist activities in Syria.

From November 2013 through March 2014, with financial assistance from Abdullahi for the purchase of airline tickets and subsistence abroad, Douglas and the others traveled from the San Diego and Minneapolis and Edmonton, Canada to Syria, where they joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a foreign terrorist organization, and engaged in armed battles to gain control of the territories and civilian populations within Syria on behalf of ISIS. All five individuals were subsequently reportedly killed fighting for ISIS. 

Pursuant to the plea agreement, Abdullahi also admitted that in order to finance the travel of others to Syria, members of the conspiracy encouraged Abdullahi and others to steal and commit fraud against the “kuffar”, claiming that such criminal activity was permissible under Islamic law.

Disinformation about Violent Jihad. Abdullahi admitted that on January 9, 2014, he committed an armed robbery of an Edmonton jewelry store for the purpose of raising funds to support ISIS activities in Syria.

Civilized people do agree that it is morally justifiable in some cases to commit a crime to save a life. Serious conflict arises when the victims of the crime strongly disagree with the motives of the one committing the crime, or if the victims conclude that the perpetrators’ motives would ultimately lead to their own annihilation.

Imam Shabbir Ally

Leading Voices in the Muslim community give context to the issue of violent jihad for the sake of Allah.

Disinformation about Violent Jihad – ISIS Manifesto Cites Quran, aHadith and Rulings of Muslim Scholars.

How can we take a balanced approach to problematic aHadith related to violence?

What is the primary reason Islamic doctrine prescribes jihad for the sake of Allah?

1 – The main goal of jihad is to make the people worship Allah alone and to bring them forth from servitude to people to servitude to the Lord of people. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):  [al-Baqarah 2:193] 

ICNA Canada

Jihad against infidels, polytheists and the people of the Book (Ahl-ul-Kitab) then before waging war against them, they should be invited to Islam. 


Muslims who live in North America believe it is their duty to bring about Islamic rule. Bilal Philips has said “Islam is a moral message that may require weapons”. What Bilal Philips claims about the implementation of Islam’s moral message contradicts the popular narrative that Islam is a misunderstood religion of peace. Those who deny that Islam promotes offensive violent jihad are spreading disinformation.

Funds Needed to help Canada Transition to an Islamic State

Funds Needed to help Canada Transition to an Islamic State

An advertisement on Facebook by the Furqaan project reads: – AIQ Spread the Light of the Quran in Canada – Help deliver the most important message of all: The Word of Allah MHNBE.  – Put the Book [Quran] that was revealed to the Prophet ﷺ, into the hands of every non-Muslim in Canada.

Furqaan Project is trying to become the single source for all your needs of dawah resources. We are trying to provide the translation of the Qur’an in all major languages of the world. We are also trying to provide under one roof all necessary materials such as books, leaflets, brochures and electronic media to use for dawah purposes or to teach Islam to new Muslims.

You might ask Why it is so important to bring the message of Islam to every Canadian?

Imam Abdool Hamid from Masjid Toronto Mosque explains

But Islam came to transform the lives of people, to improve it for them. By change I don’t mean we want to take over for the sake of taking over by change what I mean is to improve the lives of people. That’s why Islam came and that’s what it did in the time of the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. Of course improving the life of people changes will have to be made, so it may seem from one perspective that Islam took over so to speak

Now we hear from Imam Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Sharia is the law of god, the law of Allah which is good for all times, all people in all places. That is the reality

We now learn from Mustafa Farooq, the CEO of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) elaborates

How are Muslims going to recreate Cordoba [Islamic State] in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal?… One in which we Muslims erase these artificial [nation state} identities, and move together to pursue jannah [Paradise]

We have learned that Islamic leader & Charitable organizations are helping the Muslim community transform Canada into an Islamic country that accepts and implement the word of Allah that was revealed in the Quran and is practiced according to the Islamic Law the Shariah.

Thanks for watching Islam Moving Forward in Canada. See you soon  – Good Bye.

To make a donation and amass rewards in Paradise

Islamic Paradox put West in State of Paralysis by Never Ending Analysis

Islamic Paradox put West in State of Paralysis by Never Ending Analysis

Academics and Religious leaders are opining on the issue of Islam to the extent that it consumes a sizable percentage of society’s energy. Islam, whether through Islamic charitable organizations or Islamophobia commissions/task forces or Muslim terrorist deradicalization programs, is costing Western nations’ taxpayers billions of dollars.

This is a question that has no answer. Because it has no answer, is precisely why it keeps being asked. Is Islam is a religion of peace or war. It is like asking if water is good or bad. If you are in a desert, water is good. If you are drowning in a flood, water is bad. However, we could ask why & who allowed Islam to get a foothold in the West.  We could ask if ISIS, Al-Qaida, Boko-Haram, Hizb ut-Tahrir are reasonable representatives of the TRUE Islam. Does ISIS justify their actions with Islamic doctrine? What do North American Islamic leaders/influencers say about the beheading of French teacher Samuel Patty? I have learned is that Imams and scholars teach that offensive war, sex slavery, female inferior status, child marriage, and the execution of gays, apostates and those who insult or criticize Islam is sanctioned by Islamic doctrine. It seems that, for the sake of diversity, tolerance & multiculturalism, certain questions should not be asked. It is written in the holy Quran “Ask not questions that if the answers were revealed it could cause you to doubt.”

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Texas Imam: “Christian Trinity Is Morally Repugnant”

After the beheading spree in France, spurred on by depiction of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, Yasir Qadhi gave a sermon that touched on Shari’a law’s permissibility guide lines allowing for belief and practice of religions other than Islam.

The Islamic Ruling on Blasphemy (And Its Application In the Modern World) | Ask Shaykh YQ  •Premiered Nov 4, 2020

Yasir Qadhi is a Texas born Imam & PhD Yale scholar and world lecturer.

“We are not talking about a non-Muslim doing what is part of his faith or her faith. And that might include something that is derogatory for us for example, worshiping other than Allah. This is something that we find offensive, morally speaking. But they are allowed to do this in the privacy of their places of worship. There’s nothing that the Sharia will come between them and their rituals. For the Christian to claim that they believe in the trinity, well of course they believe in the trinity, and the Quran says that do not say trinity. Meaning do not say it morally but the Christian is allowed to say it politically, even in the lands of Islam. That if a Muslim was to ask him what do you believe and the Christian says I believe in the Trinity this is a factually correct statement that is morally repugnant.”

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Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner. These answers are supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid

Islam is the religion of guidance, mercy and love, but there are people who force the Muslims to fight when they stand in the way of their conveying the guidance to mankind. The Muslims do not fight anyone until they have told them about the religion of Allaah and given them the choice between two things, either accepting Islam or, if they refuse Islam and keep their own religions, paying the Jizyah (tax) to the Muslims in return for protection. If they refuse both of these choices, then they are to be fought.

When we Muslims fight, it is for the sake of saving people from worshipping other people, and teaching them to worship the Lord of the Worlds, and bringing them out of the injustice of other religions to the justice of Islam, and freeing them from the constrictions of this world so that they may enjoy the bounty of this world and the Hereafter.